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Losiak, A., Belcher, C. M., Plado, J., Jõeleht, A., Herd, C. D. K., Kofman, R. S., Szokaluk, M., Szczucinski, W., Muszynski, A., Wild, E. M., & Baker, S. J. (2022). Small impact cratering processes produce distinctive charcoal assemblages. Geology, 50(11), 1276-1280.

Koll, D., Wallner, A., Battisson, S., Fichter, S., Fifield, L. K., Froehlich, M. B., Lachner, J., Merchel, S., Pavetich, S., Rugel, G., Slavkovská, Z., Tims, S. G., & Ziegenrücker, R. (2022). Element separation chemistry and cosmogenic 10Be dating of a ferromanganese crust. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 530, 53-58.

Zeige Ergebnisse 1 - 20 von 490