Abschlussarbeiten der letzten 10 Jahre


NameTitel der ArbeitStudiumAbgabedatumBetreuerIn Download-Link
Fadime GülceStudy of the global distribution of 99TcChemieongoingG. Wallner,
K. Hain
Johanna PittersMethods for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry of 99TcPhysikongoingR. Golser,
K. Hain

Jenny FeigeSupernova-Produced Radionuclides in Deep-Sea Sediments Measured with AMSA 791 411November 2014R. Golser,
A. Wallner
Martin MartschiniDevelopment of methods for isobar suppressions in AMS and measurement of 36Cl with the 3 MV tandem acceleratorA 091 411

Juni 2012

R. Golser
Claudia LedererNeutron capture measurements on 62Ni, 63Ni and 197Au and their relevance for stellar nucleosynthesisA 091 411März 2012R. Golser,
A. Wallner
Franz DellingerAccelerator Mass Spectrometry of Actinides and the Search for
Superheavy Elements
A 091 4112012W. Kutschera
C-14 bomb peak dating
of human DNA samples
at the microgram level
April 2011W. Kutschera


NameTitel der ArbeitStudiumAbgabedatumBetreuerInDownload-Link
Oscar MarchhartExploration study for trace detection of long-lived fission products at VERAUA 066 876ongoingR. Golser, M. Martschini

Alexander Wieser135Cs - a new isotope in environmental sciencesUA 066 876ongoingR. Golser, J. Lachner
Michael KernIonenausbeute von Aktiniden in Umweltproben: Welche negativen Moleküle entstehen effizient im SputterprozessUA 066 876ongoingR. Golser, P.Steier, K. Hain
Christoph MarekAMS measurements of 36Cl using isobar suppression via laser photodetachmentA 066 876Aug. 2018R. Golser, J. Lachner
Tobias MoreauDevelopment and Characterization of the Ion Laser InterAction Setup (ILIAS)A 066 876Juni 2016R. Golser, M. Martschini
Johanna PittersLaser Photodetachment in a Gas-Filled RF-QuadrupoleA 033 876Juli 2015R. Golser
Johannes LahnerA neutral particle detector for photodetachment studiesA 066 8762014R. Golser


NameTitel der ArbeitStudiumAbgabedatumBetreuerInDownload-Link
Xiaohe ZhangExperimental Ionisation Yields of Fluoride Anions in a Middleton-Type Sputter Ion SourceUF PhysikJuli 2018R. Golser, M.Martschini

Paul WasserburgerSimulation und Optimierung des Laser-Ionen-Aufbaus an VERAUF PhysikMärz 2018R. Golser,
P. Steier
Andreas KalbFirst photodetachment measurements of slow negative molecules for AMSUF PhysikJuli 2017R. Golser,
J. Lachner
Marco PlonerDirekte Bestimmung von 10Be/9Be Verhältnissen mittels BeschleunigermassenspektrometrieUF PhysikDez. 2015R. Golser,
J. Lachner
Magdalena KasbergerAccelerator Mass Spectrometry of Caesium IsotopesUF PhysikMai 2015R. Golser
Edith SchmidtAMS detection of 10Be with a SiN-foil stackPhysikMärz 2013R. Golser
Josef BuchrieglerConstruction of a Multi-Anode Ionization Chamber for AMS at VERAPhysikMärz 2013R. Golser
Thomas WieningerProduction of a Radiocarbon Reference Material for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry by Neutron ActivationPhysikFeb. 2013R. Golser
Moriz JelinekRibbon Beam Applications on High Current Ion Implantation Systems Process Control and Quality EnsurancePhysikDez. 2012R. Golser
Stefan PavetichAMS measurement of the reaction 35Cl(n,g)36Cl and its relevance to
astrophysics and nuclear technology
PhysikJän. 2011A. Wallner
Karin EisenhutFast neutron induced reactions and new data for 238U and 232Th measured with AMSPhysikDez. 2011R. Golser
Kathrin BuczakPreparation of a 55Fe-AMS Standard and the precise measurement of the neutron capture crosse-section of 54Fe(n,γ)PhysikNov. 2009R. Golser
Peter KueßExploring AMS for the measurement of the (n,γ) cross-section of 209Bi at energies relevant for nuclear astrophysicsPhysikJuni 2009R. Golser
Philip MüllnerCharacterisation fo a new GEM detector with PIXE at VERAPhysikMärz 2009R. Golser