Dipl.-Chem. Dr. Silke Merchel
Silke Merchel
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Koll, D., Wallner, A., Battisson, S., Fichter, S., Fifield, L. K., Froehlich, M. B., Lachner, J., Merchel, S., Pavetich, S., Rugel, G., Slavkovská, Z., Tims, S. G., & Ziegenrücker, R. (2022). Element separation chemistry and cosmogenic 10Be dating of a ferromanganese crust. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 530, 53-58. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nimb.2022.08.017

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Wallner, A., Feige, J., Kinoshita, N., Paul, M., Fifield, L. K., Golser, R., Honda, M., Linnemann, U., Matsuzaki, H., Merchel, S., Rugel, G., Tims, S. G., Steier, P., Yamagata, T., & Winkler, S. (2016). Recent near-Earth supernovae probed by global deposition of interstellar radioactive 60 Fe. Nature, 532(7597), 69-72. https://doi.org/10.1038/nature17196

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How to make a virtue of necessity – not patient enough for decay counting and long chemical separation

Silke Merchel (Vortragende*r)

29 Juni 2022

Aktivität: VorträgeVortragScience to Science

Kosmogene Nuklide in Meteoriten

Silke Merchel (Vortragende*r)

28 Juni 2022

Aktivität: VorträgeVortragScience to Science

A chemist´s perspective on applications and pitfalls of cosmogenic nuclides for deciphering landscape processes

Silke Merchel (Vortragende*r)

30 März 2022

Aktivität: VorträgeVortragScience to Science

The EU funded project RADIATE for providing easy, flexible and efficient access for Non-Radiocarbon AMS research

Silke Merchel (Vortragende*r)

11 Okt. 2021

Aktivität: VorträgeVortragScience to Science



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