Method development

Laser setup used for ILIAMS

  • Our mission is to extend accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) to trace isotopes previously difficult or impossible to measure in order to answer new research questions. Since 1996, the advancement of AMS-technique is a major part of research activities at VERA. As a result of this continuous activity, VERA was the first AMS-facility of its size capable of measuring Cl-36 at environmental concentrations and has kept this unique position until today. Innovative detector concepts like the absorber foil stack allow detection of established isotopes with higher sensitivity and thus in smaller samples or with higher precision. These concepts are adopted at other labs throughout the world, e.g. the aforementioned foil stack absorber is successfully employed in South Africa. The most important recent advancement certainly is the new Ion-Laser InterAction Mass Spectrometry setup (ILIAMS). It utilizes element selective laser photodetachment of cooled anions to make a whole new range of trace isotopes accessible in Vienna.

  • Details on ILIAMS and the ion cooler