Cova de les Malladetes (Valencia, Spain)

Valentin Villaverde, Alfred Sanchis, Ernestina Badal, Miguel Angel Bel, M. Merce Bergada, Aleix Eixea, Pere M. Guillem, Alvaro Martinez-Alfaro, Rafael Martinez-Valle, Carmen M. Martinez-Varea, Cristina Real, Peter Steier, Eva M. Wild

New excavations carried out at Cova de les Malladetes confirm and improve previous information on the archaeological sequence of this site. A total of 29 new dates allow to specify the chronology of the Aurignacian (levels XIVA-XII) and Gravettian (levels XI-VII). Furthermore, concerning the results obtained during the 1970 excavation, three new levels were identified: level XIVB, which represents a short temporal human occupation hiatus, and levels XV and XVI with some hearths and anthropic evidence, although the lithic material does not permit a cultural attribution. This paper presents data obtained from the analysis of archaeobotanical, micro- and macrofaunal assemblages and lithic and osseous industry. Results are relevant concerning the palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental characterisation of the Early Upper Palaeolithic, as well as for assessing the human occupation patterns during the Gravettian and Aurignacian. Moreover, we evaluate the chronological implications of the basal levels (XIVB, XV and XVI), drawing attention to the absence of an important temporal gap between this phase and the start of the Early Upper Palaeolithic at the site. Finally, our new data extend the information provided by other sites in the Spanish Mediterranean region, allowing a more defined characterisation of the Early Upper Palaeolithic, especially regarding the Evolved Aurignacian chronology and its techno-typological structure, with the presence of Roc-de-Combe subtype Dufour bladelets.

Isotope Physics
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Universitat de València, Museu de Prehistòria de València, Universitat de Barcelona, Conselleria Educ Invest Cultura & Esport, Serv Patrimoni Cultural, IVACOR
Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
107001 Archaeometry, 601003 Archaeology
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