VERA part of the exhibition "testing grounds" by Katrin Hornek


VERA now is part of the contemporary art exhibition "testing grounds" (8.3.24 - 2.6.24) by Katrin Hornek at Vienna's secession.

The exhibition is related to the WWTF project "The Anthropocene Surge" led by Prof. Michael Wagreich and Katrin Hornek. Ass.-Prof. Karin Hain joined the efforts to use radionuclide signals from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s as potential markers for the beginning of the proposed age of the Anthropocene.

Katrin Hornek, testing grounds. In collaboration with Karin Pauer,

Sabina Holzer and Zosia Hołubowska.

Installation view, Secession 2024. Photo: Sophie Pölzl